Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Lazy Person's Reading Group

So, you're longing to join a reading group. But three things have dissuaded you.

1. Having to attend reading group meetings.
2. Having to read books from someone else's list.
3. Having to read on a timetable.

"Alas," you say, "reader though I am, I'm just not Reading Group material!"

Ah, but that's because you haven't yet encountered my reading group. (Well, seeing as it just formed two minutes ago, that's not surprising; but we'll set that fact aside for a moment.)

The Lazy Person's Reading Group does not meet in person. The LPRG also does not meet virtually. The LPRG does not discuss books. The LPRG does not have a reading list. Here's what the LPRG does.

  • Each person who wants to participate in the LPRG picks a selection of book titles according to criteria set out by the Chief Lazy Person. (The CLP's current criteria list is included at the end of this blog post.)
  • Then each participant reads those books.
That's it!

If participants want to share their reading lists (either in their blogs or in the comments section of this blog) or want to share their reactions to their books (either via blogs or email or through the ancient art of In-Person Conversation) this is permitted. It's also permitted for geographic subsets of the LPRG to meet in person, either to discuss books or just to eat biscotti. But none of this is required.

Sound doable?

OK. Let's do it!

The CLP decrees that your reading list for the current round of the LPRG consist of at least five of the following:

1. A book of fiction you've been looking forward to reading.

2. A book of nonfiction you've been looking forward to reading.

3. A book by someone whose last name begins with Z.

4. A book from a genre you rarely, if ever, read.

5. A book that was an award-winner or bestseller in the year you were born.

6. Your best friend's favorite book. (If you've already read it, then substitute another book that your friend recommends.)

7. A book you figure you probably should read, even though you don't really want to.

8. A book that has recently received rave reviews.

9. A book by someone who shares your first name.

10. A book that pertains in some way to a skill you do not, and never will, have.

11. A book recommended by your hairdresser or barber.

I will share my own list in about a week or so, after I've assembled it. Feel free to put your own list in the comments section of this or the upcoming LPRG post, or on your own blog; but you can also participate without sharing a thing.

Happy reading!

UPDATE: My list is now up. Click here for the titles.


Ann Finkelstein said...

Can we add books recommended by your hair dresser or barber?

Debbie Diesen said...

Absolutely! I'm going back into the entry now to add that.

Jacqui said...

I love it. I'm in. Let me work on my list.

I do have a group of friends who meet monthly as part of our "no-book club."

Kim said...

Anybody know an author with the first name of Kim?

Debbie Diesen said...

Kim, any particular genre you'd like the Kim book to be in?

Boni Ashburn said...

I joined, but I was lazy about it :)

My list is up on my blog now though!

You're a genius, by the way. Now I can say I'm in a reading group, as people expect an author to be, without actually having to BE in one- ha!