Friday, July 18, 2008

Poetry Friday

This is a completely silly poem, written for no other reason than that Ann's comment on my Rainy-Sunny post prompted me to want to play around a little with the new words I recently discovered. I didn't manage to work all three in with their -ial forms, but two's not bad, and I had fun with some other words, too.

Vividly Vacationing

Olivia and Vivian,
Despite their car’s effluvium,
Did venture to Virginia
To a valley of alluvium.

The people were convivial.
The countryside was fluvial.
O & V filmed DVDs
Until the clouds turned pluvial.

“A flood,” observed Olivia,
As Vivie packed the movie in,
“Would be an apt activity:
This Volvo’s prediluvian.”