Monday, March 3, 2014

Michigander Monday

It's been quite a while since I've posted a new Michigander Monday profile.  Sorry about that!  There's no shortage of wonderful authors to interview; but it's been a particularly busy winter, and I haven't been reaching out to potential interviewees lately.  I hope to resume the profiles in about a month or so.  Thank you for your patience!

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cindy haun said...

I am trying to email you but the email will not go through so I will put what I wrote here. my email
Ms. Diesen,

I wanted to let you know that for quite sometime I have loved your "Pout Pout Fish" series. I go on mission trips every year to East Africa and take your book. Last month I went to Uganda to FNC Academy and The Kissing Well in Kampala , Uganda. The school is located in a slum area of Kampala. The school was just started about 4 weeks ago and has 23 students and I just found out they will be adding 10 more students 2nd semester. There are over 50 students just waiting to get in the school. I took over 200 books with me and of course I always take Pout Pout Fish. I was able to take the 2 additional titles you wrote as well. I just wanted to let you know the kids loved Pout Pout Fish and when I did home visits with them during our walk they would say the verse and then "Blub , Blub ' Blub. I have decided I'm going to purchase additonal copies so the kids can have their own copy. These kids have very little but have such a joy and are so smart. While I was there they were able to check out a book from the Library (we had just filled with books) and they were so excited to be able to take a book home to show their parents/ or parent. Of course they fought over Pout Pout fish. If you would like to see some of the kids who benefited from your story just go to facebook, to FNC Academy Kampala , Uganda , or Todd and Wendy Gilliland or to I work at a Library and this has been what I have been lead to do, provide books to children in East Africa who have no books or a Library. Thanks again so much for the Joy you have brought not only to these kids but to my grand-children as well and me. I love the book just as much as they do.
Cindy Haun
Hannibal Free Public Library
Hannibal, Mo 63401