Friday, April 27, 2012

Poetry Friday: Looking Out

Looking Out

Some days there’s so much to be done,
and you buckle down and you do it, and
you don’t go out.  Luckily it’s chilly, and
the spring sun, which hailed you so
heartily just last week, doesn’t seem so
attractive now, what with the hard
breeze and the patchy shadows from
heavy clouds.  So you buckle down, and
you do it.  And you get a lot done.  Make
headway on that list that’s been
growing and growing, hanging over you
like a plastic sword of Damocles.  You
buckle down, and you just do it, and by
the end of the day you’re nearly caught
up.  So you stretch your shoulders.
Your arms.  You sigh and breathe and
sigh again.  Then you turn your head,
you look out, and you say to yourself,

Those are some really beautiful dandelions.

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