Thursday, March 8, 2012

M.N. Spear Memorial Library: A Little Helps A Lot

If you haven't run across it yet (I've seen it linked in a bunch of places the last couple of days), the M.N. Spear Memorial Library in Shutesbury, MA has an adorable YouTube video that highlights their current campaign to raise money for a new facility.  Click here to view it.  The ukulele music sets the tone, and if the little girl at minute 1:27 doesn't make you saw, "Aw!", I don't know what will.

The current Shutesbury library is 100+ years old, 900 square feet, and has no running water.  If $1.4 million dollars can be raised by June 30, state funding will kick in 60% funding for a new facility.

For more info, visit

There are always so many wonderful causes to contribute to, and none of us can help them all.  But I think this is a nice opportunity to make a small donation that will have a big impact.  If you're interested, follow the links.

If nothing else, enjoy the ukulele!

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