Saturday, July 2, 2011

Michigander Monday Expansion

Regular readers of this blog know that for the last couple of years I've been running a (semi)regular feature called "Michigander Monday." My Michigander Monday Q&As have been with children's book authors and illustrators who are current or former Michigan residents.  The purpose of the profiles has been to highlight the talent of the state of Michigan and draw attention to the wonderful resources and opportunities that Michigan offers.

I've recently decided to expand the feature, and while I'll continue to profile lots of children's book authors, I'm now including authors of books for grown-ups as well, though still with the Michigan focus.  In doing so, I hope to get the feature back up to speed as a weekly feature.  It's also in keeping with my own reading interests, which include, well, a bit of everything.

I've got a couple of new interviews ready to roll out this month (not sure if there will be an interview on the 4th, but I do have ones for the 11th and the 18th already set), so be sure to stop by Mondays and get to know some fabulous authors.

And speaking of fabulous authors and eclectic reading tastes...  Those of you participating in my Lazy Person's Book Group (join anytime), how's your summer reading coming?  I've been working my way through most of the book options, and already have discovered several books I would never have encountered otherwise.  If you've got a book recommendation based on your reading for the LPBG -- or heck, if you've got a book recommendation for any reason -- feel free to share it.

I also welcome your recommendations for folks you'd like to see profiled for Michigander Monday.  You can chime in down in the comments section, or email me at deborah [at] deborahdiesen [dot] com

May you all have a wonderful, safe, and relaxing Fourth of July weekend.

(And happy reading, always!)

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