Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bike Rides, Comics, and More

A few things going on you might like to know about:

Sue Stauffacher's Tillie Ride is underway!  Children’s book author Sue Stauffacher, accompanied by her husband, Bob Johnson, and various groups of school kids along the way, is bicycling from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Chicago, Illinois, to deliver donated copies of her Tillie the Terrible Swede the Chicago Public Library. In Chicago, they will stop at the Swedish American History Museum and the Sulzer branch of the library.  She's visiting schools along the way.  What a ride!  Follow her progress on her blog or her Facebook Page.

This coming Saturday, May 21, many Michigan children's book authors and illustrators plus other midwest children's book authors and illustrators will be at Claire's Day in Toledo.  Claire’s Day is a free family book festival held annually in honor of Claire Lynsey Rubini, a young lady who loved to read, tell stories, dance and make crafts, and who died suddenly at the age of ten as a result of a heart condition.

On June 18 and 19, the Kids Read Comics event will again be held in Chelsea, MI, at the Chelsea District Library.  There's also a mobile mini tour; click here for details.

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scb said...

Hope you're enjoying Claire's Day!

I've been wanting to tell you -- on May 13, I was in Minneapolis and, while exploring the kidlit section of a Barnes & Noble, heard The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark being read for story time! I was delighted to recognize the book, and the children seemed riveted to the unfolding of the story.

It prompted me to do a couple of blog posts about rhyming text, and your Pout-Pout Fish is front and center in both posts. Here's a link to one -- a link to the previous post is embedded in the post I'm linking to.