Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Constructing a Home for Poems

Lately, I've been Neglecting My Blog, Feeling Guilty About It, And Compensating By Sporadically Posting Video Links.  This chronic condition is known by its catchy initialism, NMBFGAIACBSPVL Syndrome.

I'm hoping for a remission soon, and a return to better blogging habits and some new Michigander Monday profiles.  But in the meantime, even if it weren't for NMBFGAIACBSPVL Syndrome, I'd probably post this link, of Bill Murray reading poetry to the construction workers who built the new Poets House facility.

(As a side note, Bill Murray is one of the few celebrities I'd gladly include in my "If you could invite 6 famous people, alive or dead, to dinner" guest list.  He seems like a really interesting guy.  And he'd definitely keep us all laughing.  Even Emily Dickinson!)

Anyway, go watch the video.  Then check out the Poets House web site, too.

(After you're done with all that, then you can make your own 6-famous-people list.)

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Kim said...

Oh no! I have NMBFGAIACBSPVL Syndrome too! Let me know when you find the cure.