Thursday, July 23, 2009

Retreat! Retreat!

Whoever said "Never retreat; never surrender," never met my writing group. Today marks the start of my critique group's annual three-day writing weekend, and I plan to surrender myself to a productive and convivial retreat!

(Didn't have time to find the source of the "Never retreat; never surrender" quote. Is it a famous quotation? Song lyric? Fortune cookie insert? No idea. If you know, fill me in.)


Kim said...

I love retreats! Have a wonderful time

Stupendous Man said...

Ouch...your Star Trek cred just took a hit. Go rent Galaxy Quest and find out what you missed!

Debbie Diesen said...

Kim, thanks - we all had a wonderful time!

Stupendous Man, thanks for the quote tip! My Star Trek knowledge base is pretty well in the negative numbers, so I would have never tracked it down there.

Does the original quote hark back further, though? I was thinking maybe ancient Sparta? But I don't know who or in what context.

Who knows. For now I'm off to google "Galaxy Quest"...