Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Babies Are Coming!!

Look what book cover I just found on Amazon! (It's not listed on IndieBound yet, but I assume it will be there next, and I'll link to it when it is.)

But.. don't look for The Barefooted, Bad-Tempered Baby Brigade at your local library any time soon. The actual book won't be out until March 2010 (which is, appropriately enough for babies, nine months from now). Tracy Dockray is the illustrator; Tricycle Press the publisher.

Can't wait!


Amy Huntley said...

I love the babies, Deb. I can't wait for this story to come out. I know Natalie will love it, but I wish she were still younger. She'd have gone crazy over all these babies when she was three! It's like a convention of cuties!

Debbie Diesen said...

They're cuties - but angry cuties! Can't wait to see all the art.

Anonymous said...

Watch out--the babies are coming! :-)