Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funny you should ask

So you're wondering, "When is she going to finish up her vacation series? Doesn't she have two more hikes to blog about?"

Yes indeed. Two, plus some caverns.

But will I be posting a new blog entry today? No. I will not.

And will I be posting a new blog entry tomorrow? No. I will not.

This is not due to my being lazy and/or terribly behind on too many things to count. Well, there is that. But the primary reason for my delay is so I can work into this blog entry a new word I learned this week. Here goes:

Debbie means well, but she has a tendency to perendinate.

Who knew there was a word that means, "To put off until the day after tomorrow"! Great word. (I learned it from Word A Day, a free email service you should definitely subscribe to.) I'll be ostentatiously sticking "perendinate" into conversation and/or blog posts indefinitely.


Amy Huntley said...

I'm crazy about this word. Didn't know it, but I love it now. This is something I need to get better at about something (perendinating?) but that I'm a little too excellent about when it comes to certain other things!

Unknown said...

Great pics.
Thanks for sharing.