Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sandburg Saturday

Today I continue with one of my periodic posts about my yearlong project to read my way, aloud, through The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg.

I'm still in the Chicago Poems section of the book. I have to say, probably due to the fatigue that has accumulated around me these last couple of weeks, I found myself less enthusiastic about the poems than usual. So much of what is captured in these poems is bleak, and bleak I did not need. Probably I should have taken the week off and read light verse instead of poems such as "Anna Imroth" and "Ready To Kill." But still, I always enjoy the way the words roll together into something beautiful -- or beautifully sad -- as I say them aloud. And there is such honesty to them.

Favorite one of the week: "The Road and the End."

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