Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tunes: "Collage" by Karrin Allyson

Vocalist Karrin Allyson has a lovely voice, and on Collage she uses it with beauty and variety. The songs she performs range from "It Could Happen to You" (Jimmy Van Heusen - Johnny Burke) to "All of You" (Cole Porter) to "Give it Up or Let Me Go" (Bonnie Raitt) and more. Some tracks I like better than others, but the album as a whole is very strong. I'm particularly fond of "Live For Life" (Norman Gimbel and Francis Albert Lai), a song I first heard Karrin Allyson sing many years ago on the radio as the sun came up after a sleepless night with my then infant son. The song enchanted me, and has remained a favorite ever since.

Karrin Allyson has a web site that lists her other albums. (The only other album of hers I happen to have is Blue, but I like that one very much too.) You can also find a few audio and video samples.

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