Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boy, I Do Get Around

So apparently I was in Wisconsin yesterday, for a story time at the Dwight Foster Public Library.

Except that I wasn't.

I was in Lansing, at the Foster Branch of CADL (a very delightful branch of a very delightful library system.)

The web crawler for "Upcoming Yahoo" must have snagged my Book Tour calendar entry for yesterday's story time, and mangled the location in the process.

Which all is to say, for any author or illustrator event you intend to attend, always confirm details with the host venue before showing up. Otherwise, it's a long drive to Wisconsin for nuthin'.

(But the library looks nice, so it wouldn't be a wasted trip.)

Read more about the Dwight Foster Public Library here, and be sure to stop by their blog about their building project. For Foster CADL, head here.


Connie Meyer said...


How funny! (But not if you were actually relying on that web site for actual information. I think there's a story about the importance of reference librarians in this example. They teach us to be picky about our sources...)

Just so you know, we'd love to have you come for story time at the Dwight Foster Public Library. Lansing isn't all that far! ;)

Thanks for the compliment about our library. We think it's a pretty special place.


EJ said...

If you were in Lansing, who did I see in Wisconsin???


Debbie Diesen said...

Connie, I'm in complete agreement about the importance of reference librarians! I think they're needed now more than ever.

EJ, that must have been the DDD (the Debbie Diesen Doppelganger). She's got a much heavier travel schedule than I do. :)