Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Miss Zukas, My Favorite Librarian

If you're a reader of cozy mysteries, you may know the character Miss Zukas, created by Jo Dereske. I've long enjoyed the mystery series, now eleven books in total.

For some reason, today I happened to be thinking about the books, so I popped over to Jo Dereske's site to see when the next Miss Zukas book was due out. Sadly, I saw posted the news that the Miss Zukas series has now ended. Apparently Avon/HarperCollins is moving in other directions and has chosen to "retire" the series. A new publisher for the series has not been found.

I won't give up hope, though. Perhaps another publisher will make a better decision, and keep Jo Dereske's wonderful series going. No early retirement for Helma!

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