Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle All the Way

Merry Christmas, all! I hope your day is joyful, and that Santa was good to you.

Being in a household with young children, Christmas morning started pretty early ("Merry Christmas" being whispered in my ear during an hour that began with 5...). We're now in that nice, quiet lull, with happy, contented kids who aren't fighting yet. (Currently taking bets on how long the happy lull will last -- my money is on 47 minutes.)

A little quick nosing around the Internet this morning found some funny and/or interesting things: Jacqui Robbins has a link to a funny bunny-re-enactment of It's A Wonderful Life (click on "Gift 4"); MittenLit has the story behind Chris Van Allsburg's Polar Express; Sarah Miller shares some of her grandmother's holiday recipes; Fuse #8 has assorted Christmas goodies plus a cute animal christmas song video link (I also saw the video link over on Wild Rose Reader); A Patchwork of Books has a big book give-away; Gina Gort shares a Mary Oliver poem; Boni Ashburn has her dragons decked out for the season; Ann Finkelstein shares holiday thoughts; Lori VanHoesen has a holiday memory; and there's much more. Check my sidebar (scroll down a bit) for lots more links.

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