Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frightful and Delightful

The weather outside is a tad "frightful." The winds are strong, and the snow that came down last night (on top of the near foot we got Friday) was a dry, fine one. So the air is a-swirl with a thickness of snow, and some of the drifts on our back porch are three feet or higher. But the sun is shining, and so through the window the sparkling spin of snow is a pretty sight.

We're snug inside. There's a fire in the hearth, the kids are playing happily, and we're watching/listening to the MSU Children's Choir DVD Songs for the Season playing (full disclosure: I know one of the talented voices in the choir -- but even if I didn't, I'd love the DVD). Winter may be my least favorite season, but its cozy safe-at-home moments are delightful and sublime.

( least until cabin fever sets in amongst the troops. Which I estimate will occur around 2:30 or so.)

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