Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking for Lava in All The Wrong Places

First off, my apologies for no Michigander Monday this week. The feature will be back up and running real soon.

Second, any lava cake bakers out there? In our family, we're fond of small chocolate lava cakes for special occasions. I used to purchase the ones you can find in the grocery store frozen section. I'd pop them in the oven, and when served, once the fork dug in, they always produced a dependable chocolate lava flow. All was well. But then came nut allergies in the family, and the frozen lava cakes bear the dreaded "produced on equipment that also processes nuts" disclaimer. Which has led us into the dreaded "bake from scratch" territory.

My first go, prepared yesterday, wasn't too bad tastewise, and the cakes' centers were chocolatey and soft; but there was definitely no lava flow. It was much more of a dormant volcano experience. I may have cooked the cakes too long, or maybe I just need a new recipe.

So, if any of you are experienced lava cake bakers, I'd welcome your advice.

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