Friday, October 10, 2008

Poetry Friday

Just Beyond Reach

The Land of Misplaced Thoughts
is a crowded zone,

heavy on grocery list items,
unusual-but-useful vocabulary words,
and pithy, persuasive insights
that were meant to follow the phrase
"And lastly..."

The region also sees periodic influxes
of childhood memories
and Really Important Realizations;

and is frequently overrun
by gangs of "The Reason I Came Into This Room."

Occasionally comes a knock at the door.
Up pops the clerk at the Claims Desk,
and a thought or two is reunited
with its original owner.
These joyful moments
are remembered fondly
by those left behind:

by the can of garbanzo beans,
the word "philtrum,"
the answer "for your glasses,"

and by the last perfect line
of a poem

that hasn't yet

been written.

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