Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Favorite Words

June Casagrande recently had a fun post about words, and she asked her readers to come up with their own answers for the following:

A word I use too much:
A word I should use more:
A word I wish I used more:
A word that hurts my ears when others say it:
A word that doesn't feel right in my mouth when I say it:
A word used too much in novels:
A word that's used too much in newspapers and magazines:
A word that's used too much in broadcast news:
A word that evokes for me a visual image, taste, smell, tactile sensation,or sound other than the word itself:
A word I'd like people to use about me:
A word I think more people should be aware of:
A word that makes me feel stupid:
A word that makes me feel smart:
A word I remember learning as a kid:
A word I say just for fun:

Feel free to post your answers in the comments section here, or on your own blog. You don't have to answer every single word request, though it's more fun if you do.

I'll post my completed list a bit later (so as not to influence your word choice).

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Lori Van Hoesen said...

oooh fun. Thanks for the post topic.