Thursday, August 14, 2008

National Creamsicle Day

I'm not sure who proclaimed it thus, but today, August 14th, is National Creamsicle Day. I didn't know this prior to this year -- oh, all those missed opportunities -- but my younger son has been reminding me of the fact for the last three months; so at our house today, yes, there was a Brief Celebration. It involved, as you might guess, the consumption of some creamsicles.

But as frequently happens at celebrations, there arose a dispute. Is a creamsicle only an orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream concoction? Or is a similarly formatted sherbet/ice cream treat in a flavor other than orange also a creamsicle? This has yet to be resolved. If you have definitive information on the topic, please weigh in in the Comments section.

And as to the corollary question, "Does this have anything to do with writing? Why are you contemplating frozen desserts on what is supposed to be (though rarely is) a writing blog?"

Well, the answer is obvious: A writer's gotta eat!

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