Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Humor Diversion

I should not be posting a blog entry right now, what with Lori's Olympic Writing Challenge to us and the gold medal fact that I have not yet met today's writing quota. (It's not stated in the rules, but it's a given that blogging does not count as Writing.) But we Olympians all have our warm-ups, surely; and if mine involves a bit of looksee at several (hundred) blogs before I get down to work, well, who's to fault me that, as long as I do eventually make it to the pencil push-ups, right? Er, right?

Which is how, over at Boni Ashburn's blog, I happened to learn about Carrie Jones' Literary Terms glossary over on Through the Tollbooth. If you're a writer -- and probably even if you aren't -- you'll likely get a kick out of her definitions. The listings are split over a number of posts, but I, as designated kind soul of the day (and procrastinator extraordinaire) have compiled the links here for your blog-reading pleasure:

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Boni Ashburn said...

Isn't it absolutely hilarious?! I enjoyed that immensely. And I bought one of her books to read because she was SO funny! I haven't read a YA since I was YA... ahem, a few years ago ;)