Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hawks, hawks, and other hawks

For much of August, the soundtrack of our backyard was the "keeeeer, keeeeer, keeeeer" sound of hawks.

Two adults and their two young were a noisy bunch, especially when they got around to flight and hunting lessons.

I snapped a few photos, and while they're not great shots, I'd thought I'd share two of them.

Indoors are a pair of hawks of an entirely different sort:


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that sound out on our property, but I can never find the hawk. I'm guessing its way up in the tippy-top of some tree, and it can see ME just fine. The kitties are adorable.

Ann Finkelstein said...

Are these marsh hawks? They look like it.

We had some a few years ago and they used to perch on our deck railing and look in at us. They also trained their babies to hunt on our garage roof. The youngsters would chase squirrels on foot on the steep roof. Meanwhile the adults would swoop from above.