Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dangers of Quotations

What with tomorrow being the first day of my writing group's first ever writing retreat, I thought I'd be rather clever and kick off this post with quotation about "retreat." So I nosed around in and found a good one: "You have to know when to strike and when to retreat." To which I was going to reply, "I know just when to retreat: tomorrow!"

But then I got all distracted by the fact that the quote was from John Oates, musician. And I thought, "Who's John Oates?" And then I realized, oh, yeah, half of Hall & Oates. Which got me wondering, which half. Turns out, the mustachioed half. Then I thought, Well, I wonder what the heck he's doing these days? After all, it's been, er, twenty-plus years since high school when Hall & Oates songs were all the rage. So then I had to go nose around his web site. And then, well, of course I had to know what happened to Daryl Hall. Turns out, he's got a web site, too -- does anybody not have a web site anymore? The whole process was actually not very interesting to me (I wasn't that much of a Hall & Oates fan to begin with), but curiosity being what it is, there I went. Is it any wonder I never get anything done?

Which leads me to conclude that of the many things I'm thankful for about this writing retreat, the one I'm currently most thankful for is: No Internet Access!

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