Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pout-Pout Pumpkin!

Olivia in Texas recently made this fabulous Pout-Pout pumpkin for a class contest:

 Here's Olivia with her pumpkin.

Thank you, Olivia, for making my day with your photos, and for making your marvelously pouty creation.  I hope you and your classmates will keep on exploring and experiencing the joy and fun of books and reading, every day!


Ann Finkelstein said...

Pouty pumpkins! Cool.

Unknown said...

Wonderful pout pout pumpkin!

carrie pearson said...

Olivia is so creative! I love her idea. Pout-Pout must be proud-PROUD!

Dan Hanna said...

A positively priceless perfectly plump pout-pout pumpkin! Well done Olivia!