Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Workout Review: "A New You Coming - Body Sculpting Workout" by Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Those of you who tune in regularly for my periodic workout DVD reviews may recall that, back in January, I reviewed Kelly Coffey-Meyer's "30 Minutes To Fitness:  Weights."  That DVD continues to be one of my all-time favorites and has been responsible for the little bit of upper body strength that this upper body wimp has managed to acquire.  In it, Kelly Coffey-Meyer encourages use of the heavier end of free weights, and you push your way through steady sets.

"A New You Coming: Body Sculpting Workout" takes a somewhat different approach.  The overall pace is faster, and the weights are lighter.  The 55-minute workout moves back and forth between upper body and lower body, with an abs section at the end.  If you do the full workout, it genuinely doesn't feel like nearly an hour as it moves rapidly and has a great deal of variety.  But if you don't have a 55-minute time slot available, you can also do one of the shorter premixes and focus on just one part of the body.

Weight amounts aren't specified, but though I can use 10s and 12s for "Weights," when I do "NYC" I top out at 5s for the light set and 8s for the heavy pair.  Even then, I can't make it through the triceps section without collapsing onto the floor in a pathetic heap.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer has numerous workout DVDs available, including a couple of new ones out just this spring.  You can find more information about her and her DVDs over on her web site.

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