Thursday, April 7, 2011

This & That Thursday: Stretches, Tweetpoems, Bookmobiles, and More

Yes, it was Wednesday yesterday, so, yeah, there shoulda been a Wednesday Workout DVD Review. But there wasn’t. Reason being?   ohsosorry – …but it’s spring break! I’ve been far too busy taking it easy, and notfeelingguiltyatallaboutit. A gal’s gotta decompress, yes? Which means a (temporary) farewell to blogging.

But in lieu of a review, here’s a quick workout tip: For workouts with inadequate, tacked-on stretching at the end, when you get to the stretching part put your DVD on 4x slow. (Check your remote - you've more than likely got that option on one of those many buttons you usually ignore.)  What you lose in soundtrack (it’s gone) you gain in appropriately paced stretching (give those muscles time to lengthen!). Yup, ya heard it here first. You and your elongated muscles can thank me later, dahlinks.

What else is up? Well, I’m excited to be re-energized about revision to a longish manuscript (i.e. not a picture book) that's been languishing in a drawer for a while. Having friends who are writers is so crucial to being a writer! Two hours of conversation with a writer pal of mine earlier this week re-invigorated me about a tough revision. I actually think I can do it! Here’s to optimism, however briefly it may last…

As for other writing news? The poems continue. Thanks for putting up with them. In celebration of National Poetry month (the month of April), I’ve been doing a cinquain a day, and tweeting them as well (hashtag LONpoem, as part of Lansing Online News’s tweetpoems). It’s been a good experience (for me) and a great reason to look forward to May (for the rest of you). Here’s to 3 more weeks of poems! Take heart -- May is not that far off...

And as far as Michigan KidLit? Don’t forget that there’s a great panel at one of the AADL branches tonight. What a fabulous line-up: The one and only Shutta! The Steads! And much more! You should definitely go. Details here.

And other Michigan KidLit news? Lots of Michigan authors on the recently released Bank Street 2011 Best Children's Books of the Year lists, including Ruth McNally Barshaw (Best Friends Fur-Ever), Buffy Silverman (Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks), and Boni Ashburn (Over At The Castle), plus Sue Stauffacher, Nic Bishop, Susan Kathleen Hartung, Cyd Moore, Lynne Rae Perkins, David Small, and Erin and Philip Stead.  All I can say is:  Yay, Michigan!  Truly, we've an abundance of kidlit talent here in our state.  Represent!

And in non-kidlit MichLit news? Those of you in the Lansing area, be sure to make plans to go to the Night for Notables on May 7.  It's an event put on by the Library of Michigan Foundation to celebrate the Michigan Notable Books.  If you're not familiar with the Library of Michigan Foundation, they sponsor terrific programs including Michigan Reads and Michigan Notable Books.  Admittedly I'm not entirely unbiased, given that my and Dan Hanna's book The Pout-Pout Fish was the 2009 Michigan Reads selection; but even if this weren't the case, I'd be a big supporter of the Foundation's efforts to support early childhood literacy as well as to support Michigan's overall culture of reading and books.  A state that reads together is a state that leads together!, so supporting a culture of reading and books is crucial to the wellbeing of our peninsulas.  On this front, we should all be thankful for the Library of Michigan Foundation!

Dunno yet which of the Notable authors* will be at the Night for Notables, but if you're planning on going check the Notables Books page periodically as I'm sure that info will be listed on the MDE site as the event gets closer.  Click here for contact info for ticket details for the May 7 event.  Also, I think the Notable authors all do a few tour stops during the spring; click here to see who'll be in your neck of the woods this spring.  One way or the other, you've got lots of opportunities to show your support for MichiganLit!  Be sure to take advantage of it.

And finally, last but not least… I have a really fun Q and A with a very special guest next lined up for next Wednesday... which just so happens to be National Bookmobile Day!  Be sure to stop back, as you'll enjoy the interview.  As a teaser, let me say that it's the first time I've ever interviewed a bus.

Intrigued?  Come on back next week for the post!

In the meantime...  As always, thanks for stopping by here. I know there's much to do in the blogosphere, so I greatly appreciate you spending a bit of time here.  I wish you all Happy Reading, Happy Writing, and a Very Happy April!

*2011 Michigan Notable Books authors:

Godfrey J. Anderson (A Michigan Polar Bear Confronts the Bolsheviks); Martha Aladjern Bloomfield (The Sweetness of Freedom); Michael Erlewine (Blues in Black and White); Michael R. Federspiel (Picturing Hemingway’s Michigan); John Gallagher (Reimagining Detroit); Lawrence M. Glazer (Wounded Warrior); Raymond Goodwin (Sawdusted); Jaimy Gordon (Lord of Misrule); Bryan Gruley (The Hanging Tree); Alison K. Hoagland (Mine Towns); D.E. Johnson (The Detroit Electric Scheme); Laura Kasischke (Eden Springs); Steve Lehto (Chrysler’s Turbine Car); M.L. Liebler (Working Words); Thomas Lynch (Apparition and Late Fictions); Andrew Moore (Detroit Disassembled); Stephen Garr Ostrander (The Sweetness of Freedom); Adam Schuitema (Freshwater Boys); Heather Sellers (You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know); Alex Taylor III (Sixty to Zero); and William C. Whitbeck (To Account for Murder).
For detailed book info, click here.

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