Saturday, February 26, 2011

OK, Midwesterners, Get Out Your Calendars!

Saturday, April 2, you've got two choices:

If you're closer to Lansing than Chicago, head to Rally of Writers, with Jef Mallett, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Lev Raphael, and more!

If you're closer to Chicago than Lansing, James Kennedy has got you covered.  At a mansion.  A mansion!  If I could be two places at once, I would be.  Indeed.

And if you're not in the Midwest?  Well, what's stopping you???  We're a friendly part of the nation.  Pay us a visit!  Lots to see here, and Michigan has, count 'em, two peninsulas.  State pride.  Yup.  Got that, too.

So.  Saturday, April 2.  Two choices only.  Rally of Writers.  Mansion of Odd-Fish.  Your choice.  See you there!


James Kennedy said...

Hey, thanks, Debbie! (What Debbie modestly doesn't mention is that her son Mason's art is in the ORDER OF ODD-FISH ART show she's linked to . . . !)

Kelly said...

Oh, wow! That mansion is amazing! As I'm sure the Order of Odd-Fish Art show... Congrats to your son!

Kimberly Santini said...

I loved Odd Fish and wish I could hit Chicago that weekend! Sounds like a great event! have fun!