Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday already?

This is one of those weeks I've spent half of it wondering what the heck day it is.  Today I've spent a third of it thinking it's Thursday and then a third that it's Tuesday.  Not sure what I'll settle on for the remaining third; but since for the moment I'm currently pretty certain it's Wednesday (even if it doesn't feel like a Wednesday), I guess that means it's time for my weekly "Wednesday Workout Review."

Except that I don't have one for you.  Again.

Which is not to say I've been a total slacker on exercise.  Half-slacker, maybe; but mostly what it's been is just a lack of inspiring workouts.  A lot of things have come and gone through my Netflix queue lately without rising to "I liked this one enough to profile it" status.

But, rather than leave you completely empty-handed on this whatevertheheckdayitis, I'll use today's post for something un-workouty:  an opportunity to make a couple of announcements about some upcoming literary events in the Lansing area.

Neither of these are children's lit related, but they are Michigan lit related, so I encourage you to attend, and/or to check out these books.
Add comments if you know of other upcoming literary events in the Lansing area.

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