Friday, January 21, 2011

Poetry Friday: Midwinter


The moon shines down.

Long, thin branches
slap thick-knuckled shadows
on the wide palm of snow.
The tree towers, wordlessly,
as if to say,

See me now.

See me now,
standing before you.
Leafless.  Unflourished.
Sans serif.  Bare.
See me now.
With nothing to offer.
In the colorless cold
in the midst of the night
in this midwinter old.
See me now.

And the moon shines down.

As if to say,

Trees cannot talk,
you thick-knuckled fool.
Stop chasing shadows.
Jump, you silly one, jump --

Jump --

Up --

From where you are now --

-- catch a moonbeam instead.

And the moon shines down.


Upon the midwinter.

But the moon --

The moon shines down.


Ann Finkelstein said...

Thank you.

Lori said...

Beautiful words :)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

such beautiful images in this poem! Thank you for the breath of moonlight & snow!