Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: Predictions, Resolutions, Dental Floss, and Whatnot

Well, lookee-here, it’s 2011!  I note in passing that it's the first year in over a decade that hasn’t had two zeroes in it.*

It being the New Year, I suppose there's some obligation to make predictions and resolutions.  To Cast One’s Eyes To The Future, and/or To Make Plans For Big Changes.

Yikes.  Big changes?  Not my area of expertise.  I have trouble enough changing the throw pillows on the sofa.

As for resolutions?  Well, I don't make 'em anymore.  This is one of the lesser-known privileges of middle-age.  Once you finally make one that sticks (in my case, flossing, my resolution of 6 years ago), you can forevermore totally opt out of the resolutions scene.  (Did you not know this?  Now you do.  Thank me later.)

But I guess I do have a few thoughts on how 2011 is shaping up, at least as concerns this corner of the blogosphere's 3 Bs:

Books; Book Events; and Blog:**

Books: I’ll keep writing, always; but I think it’s fair to say my quirky take on the world of writing in general and children’s writing in particular is not necessarily in sync with the market. Will I sell more picture books in 2011?  And/or find a home for either of my longer works?  Or will I simply peter out into publishing obscurity? Oh, goodness -- here’s the thing: I have no control over the matter. You can only control what you write; you can't -- though you try your durndest -- control whether it gets published.  So honestly, I’m fine with either path, be it sales or be it obscurity. (Oh, that’s a lie. You’re desperate to sell another manuscript.) ((Shut up. Doesn’t matter.)) (((Shut up. Yes it does.))) ((((Shut up. Does not. ))))  Okeedokie, maybe 2011 would be a good year to cut down on the caffeine?  (And with it, the caffeine-induced overindulgence in parenthetical internal dialogue??)  ((Or maybe I could just change the throw pillows????))  (((Stop it!!  Move on to the next topic!)))

Events: Ah!  This one's easier.  For the first part of 2011, I won't be doing book-related traveling, but I'll kick back into gear spring through fall.  Look for me this spring (in April) at the Lansing Rally of Writers; this fall (September) at the Ann Arbor Kerrytown BookFest***; plus a dozen or so story times and a couple of speaking engagements in between. I'll eventually put details in the sidebar calendar.****  If any of my story times are in your neck of the woods, please stop by and say hello if you can!  It’s always nice to see a friendly face.

Blog: Michigander Monday entries will be rolling again, starting this coming Monday (my gosh, have we got a ton of children’s book writing and illustrating talent in this state!), plus I'll continue to have my other regular/irregular blog features such as Wednesday Workout Reviews (reviews of DVD workouts for uncoordinated middle-agers); Poetry Friday (featuring my lame if earnest poetry); and, every few months or so, some sort of giveaway, reading challenge, or contest.*****  Faithful blog readers who endure all this, I do SO appreciate you!  Thanks tremendously for being a part of this blog.  It means a great deal to me that you stop by periodically.

Anyway, I guess that's about it from the vantage point of 1/1/11.******

How about you?  What's on your radar screen for the year?



Throw pillows?

Do tell!


* The reduction in zeroes will have no practical significance for most folks; though alas, for people who love to make smiley-faces in zeroes, it will be a hard year, as their fun will be halved.  But the rest of us should be fine.

** Technically, that's 3 Bs and an E.  But 3 Bs sounds better.  Kind of like "The Three Tenors," only without all the singing.

*** And don't forget, per my previous fangirl post, Louise Penny will be at the Kerrytown BookFest this year!

**** "Eventually" is an admittedly vague timeline, but in this case, it means either "some time before spring" or "when I finally unearth my password so I can enter events again," whichever comes first.

***** In terms of my current contest, don’t forget that I’m still taking entries in my Michigan Notable Books reading challenge. Commit to reading a couple of books from the Notables list and you’re entered to win a $50 gift certificate to a bookstore!  You don’t have to be from Michigan to participate; and there’s no deadline for doing the reading. Just choose two books from the list of 20 by Jan. 31; then click here to sign upFor detailed information on each book, head over to the Michigan Notable Books site.  Oh, and there's a Notables page on FB, so head on over and "like" if you're so inclined.

****** Admit it, it's fun to write all those ones in a row, isn't it?  And hey, it's only 314 days until you get to write 11/11/11!

******* Happy New Year, everyone!  :)

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