Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Brag & A Link

First, a little bit of good news for Mr. Fish and his pals:  The Pout-Pout Fish In The Big-Big Dark received a "Gold Seal" from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, in the "Books for Preschoolers" category.  Gold is not the highest level of honor ("Platinum" is one level up), but it's still nice to be noticed.  Click here and then scroll down for the entry.

Second, though yes it is nice to have one's own books noticed, ultimately what matters to me is not that kids and families read my books but just that kids and families read books!  With this in mind, I found the Forbes article "A $5 Children’s Book vs. a $47,000 Jail Cell — Choose One" by Steve Cohen to be extremely compelling.  I hope you'll read it.  (The article starts a bit down the screen, so just scroll to get to it.)