Friday, June 4, 2010

Copy & Paste the Logo, and Then Pass the Word: A Good Excuse to Stay Up Late Reading!

Your "To Be Read" pile is towering over your bedside, so why not make a plan to stay up late reading?  Bonus:  By doing so, you'll help raise awareness of the New York City Libraries budget situation.

Like many libraries, the New York City Public Libraries are facing budget cuts.  The current city budget proposal for FY11 lays out some pretty staggering figures.  According to this article:  "The NYPL has confirmed that all three of its systems (Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn) are up against a 30 percent reduction in funds for the next fiscal year. A full third of staffers are expected to be let go, with a whopping 40 branches facing the ax, not to mention devastating cuts in service hours and programs that the jobless, Internet-less and book-loving turn to on a daily basis."  More details are available here.

So what's a librarian to do?  The librarians in NYC are bringing attention to the budget situation in a creative way:  by staging a 24-hour "read-in" June 12-13, on the steps of the Central Library in Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza.

Can't be there in person to show your support?  Just add the graphic shown here to your blog or web page (either in a post or in a sidebar, or both) and then plan to stay up late reading on June 12!

(Copy/Paste of the image above will probably work.  If not, head over here for the original.)

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