Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Adorable romping and stomping crowd of babies"

I don't know if other authors are prone to this, but I'll admit freely that at least once a week I take a stroll through the various pages on the Internet that list my book titles.  (This is relatively easy to do using Google alerts and searches.)  While it's possible to become too concerned about these things, I do find it helpful to take a pulse on whether my books are finding their way into library and bookstore story times and into the lives of families with young children.  In the process, I've discovered some neat things (the Pout-Pout Fish Halloween pumpkin comes to mind!) and made connections to folks I would have never met otherwise.  So I've carried on with my weekly searches with only a little self-consciousness about it.

All of this is by way of saying that I was nosing around today and discovered that my and Tracy Dockray's book The Barefooted, Bad-Tempered Baby Brigade has received its first customer review on Amazon.  And I was very pleased to see that it's a positive customer review!  Love the headline of it:  "This adorable romping and stomping crowd of babies will make everyone from the youngest to the oldest people smile."

Reading that sure made me smile.  Yay!


Kelli @ writing the waves said...

What a great review! I will be sure to look for it next time I am at the bookstore. Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Great book review! Definitely made me want to read the book.