Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday Workout Review: Personal Training with Jackie -- Power Circuit Training

Yeah, I know it's not Wednesday today.  But if you do the workout Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner on a Wednesday, let me guarantee you you'll be feeling it on a Thursday, especially in your abs.

Jackie has a very distinct on-screen persona, which you'll find either encouraging, amusing, or grating, depending on your mood.  But the exercises are very effective, and the pace moves quickly.

The full DVD is 40 minutes.  There's a brief warm-up, then three sections to choose from:  abs, upper body, and lower body.  Within each of the three sections, there are three sets of exercises.  For instance, for abs, there's a set of exercises for your upper abs, a set for your lower abs, and a set for your obliques.  Within each set, there are (you guessed it) three exercises.  After you go through the three specific exercises, you do a quick repeat of the three in a "Power Burn."  Then it's on to the next set.

The DVD closes with a perfunctory stretch segment.

Good variety of reviews over at Collage Video, so you can get a feel for whether this one's right for you:  click here, here, and here for reviews that run the gamut from one star to five.

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