Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Workout Review: "Yogini Workout" by Ellen Barrett

First, totally unrelated to the Wednesday Workout Review: Unbridled Books has a P.S.A. on the dangers of reading. Worth a view.

Now. On to the workout!

In my DVD rotation lately has been Ellen Barrett's Yogini workout. Ellen Barrett is very prolific, and her various workouts each have their own feel. Her Yogini workout incorporates yoga and Pilates moves in a dynamic way. It has a non-rushed feel to it, but it builds slowly to give a moderate, thorough whole body workout. Yogini is an excellent choice for a day when you're maybe not feeling like pushing yourself too hard but you do want to get your body moving and stretching. By the end of it, you'll feel energized, and maybe even a little taller.

The DVD runs about 45 minutes and is led by Ellen with two exercisers in the background (one of whom is named Deborah, which means I have moments where I feel like the DVD was customized for me!).

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