Saturday, October 31, 2009

Language and Learning

Sherry Y. Artemenko is a speech language pathologist in Connecticut. Her practice, Play On Words, focuses on the speech and language skills of special needs children, and on the needs and questions of parents of young children. Her blog and articles cover topics such as language development, play ideas, book and toy reviews, and more.

Though I've never met Sherry in person, her inclusion of The Pout-Pout Fish in her online article "Cool Picks for Hot Summer Reading" summer before last led me over to her site and blog, and we've since corresponded a bit by email.

And so it was quite thrilling to see a letter to the editor by her in the New York Times. Click here, and then scroll down to the second letter.

Her letter, written in response to an article about the Walt Disney company offering refunds to purchasers of Baby Einstein videos, is a thoughtful and nicely worded reminder of what children truly need in order to learn.

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