Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feeling Kreativ?

My friend Ann Finkelstein, a wonderful writer and a great blogger, was the recent recipient of a Kreativ Blogger award. I'm honored in her passing-it-along blog post to be one of the bloggers she lists as amongst her favorites, especially as I like her blog so much. But I'll admit, I also reacted by thinking: a) Uh, is this some kind of acts-of-kindness pyramid scheme? (we all know how I feel about those...); and, b) What's up with the kreativ spelling???

So... I called up my good friend Uncle Google and we did a little research.

Mind you, I only spent about 5 minutes on my "research" (it consisted of rather random Googling while eating Scrabble Cheez-Its and folding laundry). But if the search results are to be believed, the award -- originally handmade -- was started in Norway last year by a blogger named Huldas Verden. Click here for the Google translation of the original post and a step-by-step of the award's creation.

Apparently there come responsibilities with the award (of listing a few facts about yourself and then your favorite blogs and why you love 'em). But all this requires more concentration than a Cheez-It fueled brain can currently summon. So look for my list a little later this week.

In the meantime, thanks, Ann!


Kim said...


Ann Finkelstein said...

What an interesting history of the award. Thanks for finding and sharing it.

Shelli said...

yay congrads!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Congrats! :)