Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Workout Review: "Perfect in Ten Stretch"

It's been a featureless landscape around here lately, hasn't it? All of my weekly features have been on unintentional hiatus. But I'm slowly reintroducing them. As of last week, I'm back with some poems for Fridays; and I just sent out a big batch of Michigander Monday invitations, so that fun feature should be up and rolling again soon. And today I've got a new workout DVD review for you.

Today we take a look at a DVD devoted entirely to stretching. Perfect in Ten Stretch consists of five ten-minute stretch segments. Stretching is the oft-neglected member of the fitness triumvirate (the three being aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching); and I unfortunately have to count myself amongst those who consistently give short shrift to stretching. My hope in acquiring this particular DVD was to use a ten-minute stretch here and there as an add-on after other workouts.

The instructor, Annette Fletcher, is low key and reassuring. Each ten-minute segment focuses on a particular area of the body (upper body; hips/legs) or a particular stretching need ("sedentary lifestyle relief" for desk jockeys; "sports stretch" for the athletically inclined). I can't say that I've done all the segments enough times to give a thoroughly informed opinion about the whole DVD, but I can say that having the DVD on hand has made it easier for me to incorporate more stretching into my workout time. There's a film clip available if you'd like to get a taste for it.

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