Monday, May 11, 2009

Writing Things Off

On an editor's blog, I found reference to this coming Saturday, May 16, 2009 being "Write Your A** Off Day."

(This being a children's book author's blog, I'm assuming "a**" stands for "arm," or maybe "abs"; or perhaps it's an esoteric reference to plot development: "write your arc off." I'll leave it to you to decide).

I have to admit, I have a certain knee-jerk disdain for arbitrarily-declared writing effort events, which is why I was tempted to post this summary of my participation in last week's National Picture Book Writing Week...

(...but that would have been smart-alecky, so of course I refrained.)

Nonetheless, I'm well aware that the #1 rule of writing is "Honor Thy Process." And sometimes an arbitrary writing event can be just the inspiration needed to kick your writing back into gear.

So this Saturday, I encourage any of you who are writers to write earnestly, creatively, and with abandon, for as much of the day as you can.

In short: Write your asterisks off!

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JES said...

Actually, I'm at least as skeptical as you of arbitrarily-declared writing effort events. When I first learned of the NYCW event in an e-newsletter Saturday, I just thought, well shoot -- why should NYC have all the fun?

Nobody was more surprised than I that it seems to have actually infected people's minds. :)

(OTOH, I do rather wish folks wouldn't take it all so literally: it's not "write for 7.5 hours!"; it's just "do something(s) nice for your writing for 7.5 hours, which may or may not include some writing." Which alas, doesn't fit on a bumper sticker. Maybe on the side of a semi trailer. In a small font.)