Friday, May 8, 2009

My Fate is in Your Hands

This is perhaps not something I should admit to in public, but I, um, er...

...have not read a single Harry Potter novel.

Nor do I even have a basic working knowledge of the whole Harry Potter storyline. I am, in short, a Harry Potter ignoramus.

And proud of it, I might add.

What began as simple disinterest (not my genre of reading ; my "To Be Read" stack is overflowing as it is; and they're so long) morphed over the years into the same sort of stubbornness that has me hoping I'll make it through my natural born life without ever learning to do a Power Point presentation. Anything that becomes so popular and ubiquitous must, by definition, be overrated - right?

Yet there's a small part of me that thinks stubbornness can occasionally become an end in and of itself. And maybe, just maybe, it's time to scrutinize my anti-Harry Potter bent.

So. I put to to all of you to decide. If you're reading this on a feed, you won't see this (you'll have to come to the post at; but the rest of you will notice there's a poll over in the right sidebar, up top, wherein you can decide if I'm going to actually break down and finally read a Harry Potter novel. Vote Yes, or vote No, but do vote.

(There are subcategories of Yes and No, but all yeses will be tallied together, as will all no votes, before the final vote count is reached.)

The poll is open through the end of the summer, and I'm hoping to get a fair amount of input. This isn't the sort of decision I want to make based on, say, seven votes. While it's a rare day that I get triple digit blog readership ("rare" in this case being a word that means "hasn't yet happened, but theoretically could"), I'm hoping for 100+ votes before I make up my mind.

So please, vote, and then pass on the link to this page so that others may vote, too. My fate is in your hands. Vote at:


Lori Van Hoesen said...

I would only recommend The Sorcerer's Stone. It's the best one in my opinion. And the shortest, I might add. ;-)

EJ said...

Granted, it is also the ONLY Harry Potter book Ms. Lori has read. I would recommend reading at least one Harry Potter book, as well. And, The Sorcerer's Stone is the best written and the shortest. But I would recommend reading at least one for one reason: It has become such a staple to the Contemporary Literary world (indeed, the whole world), that one might want to know something about it just to be aware. At least, that is why I started to read them. The kids I know were reading them and I wanted to know what the big hype was all about. It has given me an access point with many a child, and then we go one from there.

Lori Van Hoesen said...

I beg to differ EJ. I read through book four. But we can take this conversation elsewhere. ;-)

EJ said...

Then she lied to me. As she PROUDLY proclaimed that she has only read the entirety of book one.

Regardless. My reason for suggesting you read still stands.

Debbie Diesen said...

This LVH-EJ exchange forces me to conclude that the reading of Harry Potter causes bickering amongst friends. Are there other such HP-reading hazards I should be aware of before I get in over my head?


Boni Ashburn said...

Um, I've never read any of them either. I have seen the movies though. And this is the ONLY literature-to-movie loop I am on the wrong side of. My older son adores the books so much, I compromised and watched the movies with him. I'm worried I'll hate the books from a writer's perspective (from what I've heard) and he'll be disappointed in me. Plus, I don't like fantasy. You can be my guinea pig- ha!

EJ said...

Good willed barbs never come across as intended on the net. So as I've said something which has become misconstrued let me say this - LVH is a bright, capable woman whose opinion I respect highly, is a caring, loving person and has recommended some fabulous books to me across the years 'to boot'. I teased about her reading only one book (based on our conversations I thought she had) - I wasn't serious about her lying to me. For really, honestly, why would someone lie about that? One wouldn't. She didn't. I'm sorry something I wrote came across not as intended thereby creating some false discomfort for all ya'll.

Debbie Diesen said...

And I was just teasing BOTH of you. :) Hope that came across as well.

Furthermore, I can vouch for you both, and for your good taste in reading material, and in friends!

Kim said...

Well, if we're going to admit current cultural holes, I've never watched The Simpsons. I have read the HP books, all but the last one twice and that's because the week before the last one was published, I re-read the entire series. Finished at 6PM, the last one went on sale at midnight. A fun week.