Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Vacation News

After indulging in a bit of silliness over on Write Brainers, and adding photos to my previous vacation blog entry, I'm now back with more blather about my trip to Tennessee. (Those of you bored already feel free to choose another, better blog from the sidebar.)

Last entry I enthused about our quarters (as well as our Perilous Driveway). Now we'll head into the park!

Our first hike took full advantage of the lovely warm day of our arrival. We were all in short-sleeves as we hiked up the Chestnut Top Wildflowers path. I think we were probably a week out from the height of the wildflower season, but boy, was it pretty. Lots of trillium and loads of other wildflowers I don't recognize.

The path was nicely angled. Not too steep, but steep enough. The trail goes up about 400 feet in the course of a mile, and provided some pretty neat angles and views down. Here are a couple of shots from up, looking down:

And of course I took lots of photos of trees (they pose more cooperatively than children do). Here's a general feel of the tree life of the area:

Quite a few of the trees that I saw had hidden "faces." For instance, this one looked like a one-eyed buffalo:

And then there was the one that looked like it was ready for a nap:

I think of this one as Pout-Pout Tree in Profile:

Plenty of other tree photos, but I'll stop myself before I lose what remains of my readership. (And yes, for the record, I do occasionally take photos of my family! I just don't put them on my blog.)

More soon. And back to regular blog features after I run out of Vacation Days to recap.

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