Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gratitude; and Abrams Falls

At any given moment, I am grateful for more things than I can enumerate. Two that come to mind right now are: 1) gratitude for the kindness that the Mom who was running the "Zoo Parade" event at last night's school carnival showed toward my son; and 2) gratitude to Jacqui Robbins, for posting a link on her blog to a funny article that I just so happen to have read many, many years ago and have previously tried to re-locate, with no success. You'll find it here (and, if you want to find more writing by Ian Frazier, head here).

I'm also thankful today for many other things, including, but not limited to: that I took some time this morning to enjoy the beauty of our backyard daffodils before afternoon storms knocked them down; that I have a wonderful family, in all its many layers; that the seven uniquely talented people who constitute my writing group are also my fast friends; that every day, new and wonderful books are published (such as books you'll find on the Michigan Notable Books list; the new book by Michael Perry, which I haven't read yet, but plan to; and the many varied and enjoyable books you can read about on MittenLit); that chocolate comes in many different flavors and potencies; and that nobody complains when I neglect my blog. Life is a funny thing, and I'm sure glad I'm around for all its wonderful oddities.

My blog neglect has left hanging those of you who were following my Smoky Mountain hiking write-ups. You've heard about driveway trauma and our warm-weather wildflower walk. Now, how about a bit about our Abrams Falls hike?

In this case, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Here are some of the trees we encountered en route to the falls:

And here are the falls themselves:

Overall, our hike was uneventful (a little cool, but not cold; misty, but not rainy), but quite fun. We were on the trail long enough and steep enough for it to feel like a hike, but not so long or steep as to feel like a trek. The kids were great hikers throughout it all. Great time.

Next entry: the Tuckaleechee Caverns (aka What To Do When It Snows On Your Spring Break). Till then, I'm gratefully yours...

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Amber Lough said...

Beautiful trees with such character. Wow. Can't you just imagine them all talking about you after you passed by? Whispering little comments... :-)