Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Workout Review: "10 Minute Solution Target Toning For Beginners"

Working out is only tangentially related to writing, but I do find that all things in my life, including my creativity, go better if I'm healthy and happy. Music feeds my Happy, thus the new series of Tuesday CD reviews. Workouts feed my Healthy, thus this new series of Wednesday Workout DVD reviews. As with the CD reviews, the workout reviews will generally be brief, mostly along the lines of, "Here's one I like." So, here's one I like.

Cindy Whitmarsh's Target Toning For Beginners, part of the 10-minute Solution series, was one of the first workouts I slipped into my DVD player a year-and-a-half ago when I decided to take shaping up a little more seriously. (The big four-oh has a tendency to encourage one to start contemplating long-term health in a new way.) Cindy is a friendly instructor, and the workouts (one each for abs, thighs, glutes, arms/shoulders, and stretching) are non-intimidating for the beginner yet still challenging if you've been at it a while. Sure, you catch on real quick that you're going to do sets of things (4 slow, 8 at tempo, and then, with a perky "can you do 8 more?" there's 8 more to do...) but there's enough variety in the exercises that the workouts don't drag. You can do one or more or all five. I recommend this DVD if you're just starting out, or if you want a little something to toss into your workout rotation for occasional use or spot-toning.

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Cindy Whitmarsh has other workout DVDs, including Total Body Sculpt, which I tried out a couple of times. I can't say I liked that one as much -- it felt rushed to me -- but it's been a long time since I looked at it, so maybe my opinion will be different when I try it again. She also has a web site.

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