Sunday, February 15, 2009

The View Keeps Changing

[A note about tomorrow: I won't have a Michigander Monday profile for you to read. Sorry about that. There's no shortage of great folks to profile, but I've been neck-deep in a couple of projects lately and neglected to send out enough interview invitations. But MM will be back soon.]

February has a reputation for being a fairly dismal month - and it's not an entirely undeserved rep. But there's a real beauty to the snow and the outdoors at times -- a beauty that changes rapidly. Take this morning for instance. (The pictures that follow don't do justice to what I saw, but should give you a bit of the flavor.)

As the sun started to come up, there was a pink tint to the sky behind our house, and a light fog:

Relatively soon, the sun broke through and began to burn off the fog:

But then came another fog, thicker than the first:

All of this in the span of about an hour or less.

Sometimes, when you take the chance to stop and look, the view can be amazing.

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Lori Van Hoesen said...

That's really beautiful, Debbie.:o)