Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Truly AWFUL News

I don't Twitter, and I don't have any plans to ever Twitter (we won't bring up the fact that I once said that about having a blog), but this evening in my blog-browsing I happened to be over at Andrew Karre's Carolrhoda Books Blog (one of the many blog links in my sidebar) and took a peek at his Twitter page (because if I were to Twitter, I would wish to Twitter as succinctly, wryly, and humorously as he does -- not likely, given the fact that I'm nearly 100 words into this sentence and yet show no signs of coming to a point); and this, dear reader(s), is how I came to learn this truly awful news: Robert McCloskey's Blueberries for Sal has gone out of print!!! (See the 2008 Cuffies; scroll down to "Book You Were Sorriest To See Go Out Of Print.")

I'm hoping this is just a rumor, unsubstantiated by fact (though a little googling took me to a mention over on Fuse #8 of this same news). Insert wailing and keening here. How could this be allowed to happen?

I absolutely adore Blueberries for Sal. I enjoyed it so much as a child that I conflated the story with my own childhood, and spent many, many years thinking that my mother and I had once encountered a baby bear and his mama while we were out picking blueberries. And didn't our kitchen, where we canned all those beautiful blueberries after we were reunited on the hillside, look just like Sal's? I'm quite sure it must have.

Maybe someday I can Twitter the story to my grandchildren, one sentence at a time. Sigh. The world's gone all wibbly-wobbly on me.

But in other news... I have some nice Pout links to post, which I will do tomorrow or Friday (after I've recovered from the blueberry shock). In the meantime:





Jacqui said...

This is indeed an out of print travesty. My kids absolutely adore that book; my two year old wants it read to him regularly, and my six year old still mentions Sal whenever we have blueberries. I wonder if this is the next way economic troubles in publishing will manifest themselves.

EJ said...

Wow. How is this even possible? It is a staple.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

That story is a classic! I'm really surprised. It makes me nervous about what book might be next....geez!

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