Friday, December 19, 2008

Other Uses For My Head: A Barometer

'Tis snowy here today. In this part of Michigan, winter isn't a constant state of snowfall (not like, say, in Boni's neck of the woods), but we do have a lot of small snowstorms, a moderate number of moderate snowstorms, and the occasion biggee. Currently, we're at the bigger end of the spectrum. Snow started to fall overnight, and continues even as I type this. Right now, there's a heavy enough snowfall and a strong enough wind that I can't see much further than across the street.

The weather this week has wreaked havoc on my head. Rapid weather changes can trigger migraines in those so prone, and I've spent good chunks of this week with either the optical kind (hole in my vision, or the visual bric-a-brac edging effect) or the go-away-world-my-head-is-in-a-vise kind. No fun.

Anyway, having finally (or, more likely, temporarily) escaped the latest one, I was doing some googling on weather migraines, and found that they're common enough to have their own term: barometric pressure headaches. And get this -- the Weather Channel web site has an "Aches & Pains Index" that you can check for your zip code to see how likely you will be to suffer weather related aches and pains such as migraines or arthritis pain. Too cool. I love gadgets like that.

(Incidentally, the index here is at 8 now, down from 10 earlier today.)

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Boni Ashburn said...

I'm so far behind on my blog reading...

We've had over seven feet up here so far this year and it just keeps coming! Yikes. At this rate, the kids'll still be wearing boots and snowpants to the last day of school!

Hope the migraines back off for Christmas :)