Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Infectious Appeal of a Wonderful Bookstore

Last month, I had the true pleasure of visiting Literary Life Bookstore in Grand Rapids to do a Pout-Pout Fish story time. I fell in love with the store immediately: it was everything a bookstore should be. Cozy, inviting, uniquely stocked, and staffed by the absolute nicest people.

I have meant ever since to write about the store on my blog -- I even have some photos to share with you -- but until I manage to get to that, you should head over to this article in the Grand Rapids Press to read about Dr. Roni Devlin and her journey to bookstore owner.

And please, if you're anywhere in the Grand Rapids area -- and in this case I would say I mean by that "anywhere in the Midwest" -- then you should make a point to go visit Literary Life Bookstore.

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