Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So, You May Ask: Where's Your "I Voted" Sticker?

Yes, I voted. (As my kids would say, "Duh!") Only I'm a stickerphobe (ew! adhesive on paper!), so, as usual, I passed on the post-voting sticker option. (From what I understand, this counts me out of various latte and doughnut freebies, but such is the cost of neuroses.)

We had fun voting. It was a family affair. My husband and I picked the kids up from school and took them out for a democracy lunch. (Ironically, when they couldn't agree on where to eat, the grown-ups went dictatorial and decided for them. Tyranny does have its place.) After lunch, we headed over to the library for some new books for the kids to take with them to look at while waiting with us in long poll lines. We arrived at our voting location mid-afternoon, and we proceeded to wait a sum total of 30 seconds (that was my wait; I let my husband go first). Apparently they'd been busy in the morning, and expected to be quite busy later, but we had hit a nice lull. I only wish everyone voting today could have had next-in-line experiences.

Our polling place is at a church, and the church has a small outdoor playground. After we left the building, I kicked off my shoes and sat in the grass in the sunshine, watching the boys play on equipment now almost too small for their growing bodies. There in my shirtsleeves, breathing in the smell of the leaves, of the air, and of the day itself, I felt a sense of lightness and optimism.

All in all, it's been a great day already.

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