Monday, November 10, 2008

Michigander Monday Medley

Instead of a profile this week, I thought I'd share a bit about my experience on Sunday at the Monroe County Library System 10th Annual Writers on the River Book Fair. I've heard about this event for years, so being invited to participate was a real honor. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I drove as far as Ann Arbor on my own, and then carpooled the rest of the way with three other Michigan children's book authors. Nancy Shaw and Shutta Crum are two delightful writers who have been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me for years; and our driver was Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, who I met for the first time when I climbed into her car, and I liked her immediately. After arriving at the Library, we enjoyed an author lunch along with Library staff and Friends of the Library.

When the book fair began, I had Nancy Shaw on one side of me. On the other was Wong Herbert Yee, an extremely talented author-illustrator who I've heard good things about for years; I was glad to have a face and voice to put with his name and books. As the afternoon went on, I met loads of wonderful people who came by the table, including some local Young Authors who also participated in the event. The entire library staff was topnotch, and I was thrilled to be there. A great day!

A rundown of all the children's authors present:

[Update - I had a typo in a name -- my apologies!!! -- it's fixed now...]


Boni Ashburn said...

Oooh- I'm so jealous of your hob-nobbery!! I've just recently discovered Yee's Mouse and Mole series and think it's utterly charming. You lucky-duck!

Liza Martz - Cogitations and Codswallop said...

Hey, you forgot to include one of the most talented authors present - YOU!